Staff Contacts

YMCA Executive Staff

Bob Carlson

President & Chief Executive Officer
319.366.6421 x100

Dave Walters

Finance Director/Controller
319.366.6421 x105

Tanisha Phelps

Director of Child Care Services
319.366.6421 x102

Larry Schrader

Facilities Engineer
319.366.6421 x200

Sara Mentzer

Director of Development and Marketing

Kyle Lichthardt

HGN Branch Executive
Metro Healthy Living Director
319.366.6421 x 109

Dale Emerson

Marion Branch Executive – Metro Sports Director
319.366.6421 x 201

Helen G. Nassif YMCA Staff

Kyle Lichthardt

Branch Executive
Metro Healthy Living Director
319.366.6421 x 109

Lynn Saddoris

Associate Branch Executive & Sports Assistant
319.366.6421 Ext. 111

Josh Tigges

Sports Coordinator
319.366.6421 x121

Jennifer Hlubek

Business Services Manager
319.366.6421 x104

Wendy Thompson

Wellness Center Coordinator & Certified Personal Trainer
319.366.6421 x113

Marion YMCA Staff

Dale Emerson

Branch Executive Marion YMCA – Metro Sports Director
319.377.7361 x 201

Elizabeth Olson

Member Engagement Director
319.377.7361 x 202

Connor Ironside

Aquatics Director
319.377.7361 x 203

Camp Wapsie Staff

Paul Denowski

Executive Director Camp Wapsie

Hanna O'Toole

Summer Camp and Retreats Director

Angela Jackson

Office Manager

William Rogan

Head Cook

Brian Harkness