Now more than ever, families and individuals in our community need our support!  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we know that resources are limited and times are uncertain for all.  Our YMCA association provides over $1M in scholarship assistance to members and program participants each year.    If you are able, please consider donating to your local YMCA as we need to continue to put our arms around everyone and provide scholarships.  THANK YOU for helping build a better US!


Over one million dollars is given back to our community members each year in the form of scholarships to assist with member and program fees.

Nearly 7,000

Almost 7,000 members and program participants are provided financial assistance each year in our association!

2021 Annual Support Campaign

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Each year the YMCA provides over $1M in financial assistance.  Our ability to serve this community for over 150 years has been made possible by the generous support of community members like you.


Over $950,000 worth of scholarship assistance is awarded to members of the Y annually


Over $35,000 of scholarships are provided to participants of our child care programming each year


Over $41,000 worth of scholarships are awarded to campers at Camp Wapsie each year


Over $9,000 is awarded each year to all program participants including youth sports to specialty programs