We’re developing youth through building strong relationships and having good, healthy fun!

By: Jalisa Coleman, Site Director

Last Spring, I attended leadership conference for after-school programs. I was truly inspired and my passion for taking my program to another level grew. One goal was to build a more effective relationship with the kids by bringing our parents and staff closer together. In the past we have had very successful summer family nights, but I didn’t want our school-year kids to miss out. In November we had our first school-year parent night. The staff came together as a team and decorated, prepared food, designed plenty of table games and played “guess who I am” staff style. The end of the evening featured a big dodgeball game of staff vs. families. It was a blast!  Food, music, and laughter were exactly what we needed here at Truman YMCA Child Care. I do plan on scheduling another one here shortly full of performances and presentations by the kids. Our kids have so much to share that one per school year is not enough. We want to bring our families along on our journey here at the Y!

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