YMCA member Antonio Woods recently won his second Iowa State Golden Gloves boxing championship. This year’s win in the 178 pound weight class qualified him for the National Golden Gloves competition in Louisiana.

Antonio Woods, a two-time Golden Gloves Iowa State Champion in both 2014 and 2017,  earned a spot in the 178 pound weight class at the National Golden Gloves competition in Louisiana this year. He was team captain for Iowa at the national competition.

Antonio is 22 years old and has been boxing for nine years. As the 2017 Iowa team captain at the national Golden Gloves competition, he helped lead the Iowa team to a strong showing. Four boxers made quarter-finals and two made it to semi-finals. Even though Antonio lost his fight to the eventual champion from Florida, he enjoyed the overall experience and is looking forward to see what next year will bring.

Antonio’s father, James Woods, works at the Helen G Nassif Y Welcome Center.

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