YMCA member Tracy Hoover walked in the Y in January 2016 feeling ill, overweight and practicing poor lifestyle habits. He’s turned his health around since then. Here’s his story.

“I’ve dropped 75 pounds in one and a half years,” Tracy Hoover said. He’s been coming to the YMCA daily since joining January 2, 2016. “Before the body falls apart, I want to get in the best shape I can,” Tracy explained.

Tracy was motivated to turn his health around after discovering he had an aneurysm behind his left eye. Surgery treated the aneurysm but didn’t change the fact he was in poor physical condition. “I ate like a hog and drank like a fish,” Tracy said. He’d spent years developing unhealthy lifestyle habits as a truck driver, sitting for long periods and eating poorly.

After a doctor’s appointment in early 2016, Tracy and his wife, Carrie, were heading home. “We were driving down 8th Ave. and I said, ‘Honey, I need to go to the Y.’

“I walked in the door at 250 pounds. I’m 175 pounds now,” Tracy said. He changed his diet and began working out with weights three days a week, using machines, which his doctor recommended because of issues with balance, arthritis and bulging discs. He does cardio every day. On Tuesdays, Tracy sets up an aerobics step by the windows at the Helen G. Nassif Y, where he steps for over an hour. It’s been a gradual process of increasing his cardio and weights over time.

“I’m 55 years old. I’ve made such good gains,” Tracy said. His wife has been very supportive and he appreciates the help he’s received from the Y. “You folks do more than any privately held health club. It’s more than a gym,” he explained. “I’m able to come in here every day and see my friends. If I’m not doing something correctly, Wendy at the Y will straighten me out on it.”

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