Silver Sneakers physical fitness classes have been held at the Helen G. Nassif YMCA for more than 12 years. Longtime YMCA member Lorraine Sheeley has been part of the program since it started and shares how Silver Sneakers and the Y have impacted her life.

“Silver Sneakers started at the main YMCA in August, 2005,” Lorraine Sheeley explained. She has been a regular participant ever since.

“As our group grew, we became friends,” Lorraine said. “We care and worry about each other if someone gets sick. We all agree that without our exercise at the Y we would not be moving as well as we do. This is also a social group. We have a pot luck once a month. Eat out for lunch once a month. Have birthday parties. Go to the casinos. Several of our members have passed away, and we have attended their funerals. We want to thank the staff at the Y for being so kind to us. You are a part of our second family, too.”

Silver Sneakers classes are lead at the YMCA by certified instructors. The program focuses on better overall health through increasing; flexibility, circulation, strength and stamina. If you or someone you know would benefit from attending these classes, please check out our schedule for times and locations.

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