Active Older Adults

At the Y, our adult exercise classes promote fitness and well-being while fostering friendship.

It’s never too late to feel great! Our Active Older Adult program is for men and women over the age of 50. We strive to offer a comprehensive and integrated program that encourages members to grow in the areas of physical, emotional, social, vocational, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Active Older Adult Classes
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Silver Sneakers

SilverSneakers is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events. Physical fitness classes are lead at the YMCA by certified instructors. The program focuses on better overall health through increasing; flexibility, circulation, strength and stamina.

Easy Chair Yoga

Come explore the healing benefits of yoga while using a chair as a supportive prop. Members will practice gentle movements and breathing techniques, increase flexibility and strength and improve balance. This class is perfect for those who would love to try yoga, but prefer to not be on the floor.


Practice basic yoga movements and breath work while developing your mind-body connection. We offer a variety of levels, including beginner, Silver (older adults), intermediate and power (advanced).

Posture Perfect

This class is designed to produce good posture, including stretching, strengthening and balance. It focuses on simple exercises that strengthen bones, improve posture and provide relief from pain associated with osteoporosis, osteopenia
and arthritis.

Strong Bones

This strength training class designed for those at risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis, includes full body exercises that encourage bone health while focusing on proper form.

Fit N Fun

This low-impact cardio class works every muscle in the body and provides a safe, fun, uplifting workout.

Zumba Gold

Designed for active older adults, this lively dance-fitness class is both invigorating and easy-to-follow. Bring your friends and enjoy an afternoon of fun and fitness.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a great way to improve balance, prevent falls and relieve pain associated with arthritis. This gentle exercise, often referred to as “meditation in motion,” focuses on a series of slow, guided movements. Participants see a range of benefits including increased balance, flexibility and mobility.

Aqua Exercise

This is a great option for you if you love the water, are trying to get back in shape, having trouble with arthritis or simply want to switch up your workout routine.

Woman instructing an older man with an exercise ball

Exercise classes, health education and social programs have been shown to help older adults maintain good health, reduce their health care costs and lead an active, independent lifestyle.