July 20th, 2020

Member and community support has made a large difference for our association as we navigate through the tough economic environment that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our members and staff are important in our efforts to continue to strengthen our community and positively impact lives in the Cedar Rapids, Marion and surrounding areas.

The YMCA at Mercy Health Plaza located on Council Street assumed operations back in 2013 as the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan YMCA Association continued to expand. This location has served nearly 1,400 members each year through a partnership with Mercy. We are saddened to announce that effective immediately, the YMCA Board of Directors and leadership has decided to shift organizational resources and cease operations at our Mercy Health Plaza location.

It is with great struggle that we have come to this decision in coordination with Mercy’s leadership. It is imperative that the YMCA is able to restructure its operations and allocate resources to best serve the needs of our growing community. The impact of COVID-19 on our organization has only compounded the importance of refocusing our resources to ensure the viability of our mission.

We thank each and every member who has continued to support the YMCA with their membership dues throughout our closure. However, the loss of nearly all program income for the YMCA since March has been devastating to our organization. Cancelled Camp Wapsie summer programming alone has resulted in a loss of over $1,000,000 to our association’s revenue for the year. These substantial losses cannot be withstood without organizational restructure.


We greatly value the relationships we have developed with all of the members and staff teams at Mercy Health Plaza over the last seven years. It is our hope that members will continue their journey at the YMCA at one of our other four locations throughout the metro area.


We hope that you will continue your YMCA journey at our other four locations in the metro area.

Our staff is dedicated to welcoming and embracing you at all of our branches, which offer you a place to continue to belong, build relationships and achieve goals. YMCA Business Service Manager, Jennifer Hlubek is available to help you select your new location. You may call (319) 366-6421 ext. 104 or email Jennifer to assist you. YMCAs in the area include the downtown Helen G. Nassif YMCA, Marion YMCA (soon to be replaced with the New Marion YMCA), Stoney Point YMCA and YMCA Fitness Center in Marion Independent High School.

We are so grateful for the amount of members that have continued to pay their membership dues throughout this time.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we can provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt for your membership fees paid throughout the time that our YMCAs were closed.  Please contact Sara Mentzer if you wish to obtain a copy of your receipt.

*The YMCA is not able to provide refunds or extensions on memberships.

We encourage members to continue their YMCA journey with us at our other four locations.  However, we understand if you are not able to continue your membership with us at this time.  Please contact YMCA Business Manager, Jennifer Hlubek at (319) 366-6421 ext. 104 or email hlubek@crmetroymca.org.