Member Cara Briggs Farmer has been leaving wonderful comments about the impact of the YMCA for many years.  Quoted here are just a few of her comments that she’s left us, enjoy!


“My quality of life is made exponentially better by the Y.  I truly appreciate the multi-generational and socioeconomic diversity of members, not to mention body type diversity.”


“Oh Marion Y, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways:

  1.  Income contingent membership which allows me a greater quality of life than what I could otherwise afford.
  2.  Welcoming staff
  3.  Great body type diversity among other members who never make me feel bad for not having a hard body
  4.  Community programming
  5.  True sense of community among the ‘regulars’
  6.  Thoughtful, welcoming instructors
  7.  Orientation toward serving the greater good
  8.  Great age diversity among members.  Seriously, if you need life advice, the coffee klatch has you covered.”


“I love the Marion Y.  The staff is wonderful, and it’s truly a welcoming place for everyone.  Love the early morning crew (they make retirement look good!) and the fact that folks can keep coffee mugs in the lobby.  Maybe some day I’ll have time to actually sit and have a cup after my morning workout.”


“I love the Y for a myriad of reasons.  One, during months when I don’t workout much, I know my membership dues help support critical community programs.  Two, there’s a great cross section of folks who use the Y and I usually get to chat with people outside my own demographic.  Three, Y is unpretentious.  I never feel like anyone is judging me.  Walking in wearing welding clothes and carrying a swimsuit in a plastic grocery bag?  That’s cool.  I’d never try that at the MAC.”