Explore our local trails with the YMCA & City of Marion's new electric trikes, available at the Marion YMCA!

Trikes are free to rent for a 2 hour time period for Marion residents ages 55 and older


The City of Marion received AARP’s Community Challenge Grant back in July of 2020 from an idea submitted by a Marion resident to BPAC (Bike & Pedestrian Council).  The idea originated from a senior who had friends that would come up with excuses as to why they couldn’t go on bike rides together – the resident ultimately knew it was due to fear of falling.  Research was then conducted by City of Marion leadership that led to the submission for the grant for accessible trikes that would be safer for senior residents to get out and enjoy exercise on nearby trails.   The City of Marion then brought this idea to be housed at the YMCA after the grant was received for the electric trikes, which ultimately fit in with the Y’s mission to further develop options for active seniors.

An additional partnership with Iowa BIG was then formed for this project – we were fortunate to get to work with a great group of high schoolers who helped get us prepared and ready to promote the trike program.  The students worked for several months with leaders from the YMCA and City of Marion to develop policies, procedures and marketing materials. They also created the promotional video above, as part of their marketing responsibilities for the project!