For swimmers and nonswimmers alike, our YMCA aquatics programs are excellent for reaching fitness goals. Water-based activities provide significant benefits for adults: increasing metabolism, easy on joints, building strength and more.

If the thought of donning a bathing suit is cringe-worthy, you need to keep reading. Whether you’ve been a member for days or decades, we hope you have experienced the kind of supportive environment we’re known for at the YMCA of the Cedar Rapids Metro Area.

Here, the only person who cares what you look like in your suit is YOU. (Seriously.) And there is no better way to help you feel better about wearing your suit than putting it on and jumping in the pool. The metabolism-boosting benefits of aquatic exercise cannot be understated – especially for those of us who haven’t been exercising or are feeling the effects of middle age and beyond.

Water really does work. It builds strength and muscle mass. Burns calories: 400 – 500 calories in an hour! Relieves pressure on joints and more. Swimming provides an ideal, low-impact workout, friendly to adults of all ages. Our water exercise classes are built to help you meet people and make friends, since accountability is one of the top ways to stick to a workout routine. (Read our article, “5 Secrets to New Year’s Resolution Success,”particularly secret #3)

The Cedar Rapids / Marion Area YMCA  indoor pools and aquatics programs are excellent for reaching fitness goals – for swimmers and nonswimmers alike. Here are four ways to get into the “swim” of things with the Y.

4 Ways to Get Into the Swim of Things:

1. Ask

Don’t know what to do? Where to go? How things work? Ask a fellow Y member, a Y staffer or lifeguard. Don’t feel silly. We all like to help. Not knowing what to do is intimidating, but don’t let that stop you. You could also schedule a tour with one of our guides, who will show you the ropes for the indoor pool at your center. Click here to contact your center: Helen G. Nassif Y,   Marion Y,   Stoney Point Y.
2. Try a Class

Each center offers classes in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool. Pick one that works with your schedule and give it a try. We encourage you to set a goal to go to at least four consecutive weeks of classes to decide whether or not you “like” water exercise. Here’s why: it can take up to a month to notice the benefits of healthy eating and increased exercise – AND – you must try something multiple times before you have enough experience to decide if you like it or not. That being said –if you immediately find a class to be too easy or too challenging, switch to another.

3. Know it’s okay not to get your hair wet

Don’t want that chlorine-smelling hair? Or just hate getting your face wet? Know that in many of our aquatic exercise classes it’s absolutely okay (and common) to not go under water.

4. Buy a new suit

Yep! We’re talking about that dreaded suit again. Either before you get started, or after you’ve committed, get yourself out there and get a new suit. Just like runners need shoes, or yogis need yoga pants – creating incentives for yourself with some new gear is a good motivator. A new suit means you have some skin in the game. Can’t let it go to waste, after all! And remember – you are absolutely the only person who cares what you look like when you wear it. Find one that’s comfortable, provides coverage where you want it, and, most of all, makes you feel happy. Because once you’re in the “swim” of things, you’ll be seeing it often.

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